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  Amazing Maze  -  Version  1.01

The Amazing Maze puzzle is a recreation of the Corn's Maze that created by creative farmers through-out North America during the hot summer months that attracts thousand of tourists. Physically walking and try to navigate yourself out of a Corn's Maze during a hot, and humid summer day is quite physically exhausting, and mentally challenging, well, at least for some. The good news is with the Amazing Maze, you don't have to physically walk and navigate your way out the maze so it is not physically demanding, however, a little mental concentration is require to have some fun with the Amazing Maze. The purpose of the game is for you to enter yourself (represent by a ball in the maze) at the maze's entrance on the upper part of the maze and try to navigate out of the maze's exit on the bottom part of the maze using the designed graphic circle with four directional arrows to maneuver the ball with your finger tip, for the desktop version you can use the mouse pointer. There are multiple levels of the maze, however, you don't have to complete one level in order to move on to the next, you can always pick the level to start, or reset anytime and start all over, by simply click on the buton that corresponding to your intention. When you successfully navigated yourself out of the maze you will be presented with, well, not with a pat on the back, but with a Congratulations Star! Have fun with the Amazing Maze.

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