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-  Version  1.0

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Cotains: 1. Puzzles on programming "Hacker". 2. Image editor "Artist". Art tools + effects + Super open architecture 3. To program & to play "Tic-Tac-Toe". Super open architecture: Basic/Pascal/C++/Auto translate

Program Details
Publisher Name Serguey Filichev
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page http://www.debryansk.ru/~fil/
Platforms Windows 95/98/NT
File Size 928 KB
File Date 4/13/2000
License Shareware
Price $5
Expires On 1/1/1900
Expires After 0
Other Expiration Info Expiration Unknown
Install/Uninstall Support No Install
Record Update 7/9/2000