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  CB Most Recent  -  Version  1.0

This internet marketing software helps you to get the most recent Clickbank items, by date. "ClickBank most recent" is updated daily! You visit the products' pitch pages from within your own browser. The soft also displays the gravity, popularityrank, as well as the earnings per sale of every item. This software is 100% free of spyware and virus. It doesn't collect a single byte of your personal data. Requirements: disk space 20 Mb. Ram 24 Mb. "ClickBank most recent" can be co branded, with your own CB ID embedded! Upon request through Skype; my ID: internet-marketing-service This marketing software is web based; it requires an active Internet connection, and you to allow it within your firewall. "CB Most Recent" can't be sold in any way, by any mean. However, you have giveaway rights :) IOS and Android versions available for free upon request through Skype as well.

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