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    • Prison

      -  Version  1.9
      3D horror game. Collect 8 photos and escape from a
      prison while avoiding the Slenderman. Staring at the
      Slender Man will drain your sanity - losing your
      sanity will have negative effects and will likely get
      you killed. Sprinting will decrease your maximum
      stamina, so sprint only when required. Throughout the
      world, there is no one who is not afraid of the Sender
      Man. He has no face, he wears a black suit, and he
      abducts people. Do not look at him, or he will catch
      you! Try to win, do not fall into the hands of the
      Slender Man!
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    Paul von Duke
    Win7 x32 - Win7 x64 - Windows 10 - WinServer - Windows XP - Windows 2000 - WinVista - WinVista x64 - WinOther
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    110684 KB
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