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    • Simple USB Logger

      -  Version  1.7
      This free software product allows capturing traffic
      between USB device driver and USB device, while being
      transparent for the device. High efficiency and the
      amount of information Simple USB Logger provides
      allows to analyze the behavior of any USB device.
      Thanks to crash dump analysis function, you can
      analyze the USB traffic even when BSOD occurs during
      USB device usage. Convenient UI helps to study the
      captured data quickly and effectively.
      Distinguishing features:
      Simple Monitoring Technology. This new technology of
      traffic capturing is based on operation of a usual
      Lower Filter. But our unique features allow loading
      driver filter to the stack of the analyzed USB device
      only. This increases the reliability and performance
      in several times.
      Support of Hardware and Virtual USB buses. Now you can
      monitor any USB device, it does not matter whether it
      is a real device plugged into hardware USB port or
      virtual USB device connected via any USB redirection
      software of any vendor!
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    Ryna Adams
    Windows 2000 - Windows XP
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    1537 KB
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