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 Family - Religion

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Bible Collection Plus 1.0
License: Shareware | Price: 13.98 | Last Update: June 30, 2004

Note cards with quotes from the Bible plus planner, formatted and ready to use.
The Bible Collection 1.0
License: Shareware | Price: 12.99 | Last Update: February 12, 2004

Note cards with Bible quotes and nature paintings, formatted and ready to print.
EZ Bible 1.3
License: Shareware | Price: 10 | Last Update: January 06, 2004

Version 1.3 adds the ability to customize the text display and use different translations. The King James Version is now available at the MR Stuff...
BiblePromise 2.5
License: Shareware | Price: 19.95 | Last Update: October 17, 2002

BiblePromise is a program that presents a different inspirational Scripture verse each day