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  Information Management Tools - Calendars and Planner

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  AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition  -  Version  3.36

Thanks to All-My-Notes Organizer all your valuable information is saved securely away from prying eyes, secured by password, in one, encrypted local file, and notes can be arranged into a adjustable outline hierarchy of folders. Where do you usually keep all your sensible private info, like, access codes, passwords, random thoughts, secret docs, alarms, phones and hyperlinks. Feel lost in tons of papers and small doc files? Now, there is a great answer! A great outliner for organizing info! This is the best mixture of instruments for capturing diaries, notes, memories, letters, hyperlinks, contacts, ideas, cites, pwds, goals, access codes, and simply unlimited any other things. Major main functionality is: Instant Find in all your notes, a Rich-Text and yet sophisticated Text Editor, safe data keeping, Access Protection by Password, an advanced Password Generator Utility, Icons, Reminders, Spreadsheets, Tasks, Scanner support, Free-form outline tree structure, Automatic-Backups, Color Themes, Multi-lingual, Import and Export. Nearly impossible to describe all usage fields for this kind of application, so ,go ahead, try it out, to be convinced - everyone can find good use of this kinf of application:)

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