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  Awario  -  Version  3.33

Awario is a smart way to monitor, engage, and impact the web and socials for businesses and individuals alike. The platform takes the usual hassle of SMM away by letting you effortlessly: - Monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, News/Blogs and other online resources for mentions of any keywords, non-stop. - Get notified when new mentions appear with daily or weekly emails about the latest posts. - Prioritize mentions by their popularity for a smarter, more efficient SMM workflow. - Interact with mentions in-app by quickly syncing your social accounts with Awario to comment, like, share, and retweet posts. - Access the dashboard from any device and have your data with you at all times. Log in to your Awario account from your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop to see the latest mentions and react to them in time, wherever you are. Depending on your niche, Awario will help you achieve some (or all) of these business objectives: - Market research - listen to what people say about your product to react to changes in time. - Competitor research - know your enemy to be a step ahead. - Social selling - use the new Leads module to find new heavyweight prospects. - Influencer marketing - promote your brand only with the most influential and active in socials. - Reputation management - never leave your customers alone with their problems. The right strategy will not only increase your clients' loyalty but even retrieve up to 30% of the lost audience. Don't miss a lucky chance for your brand and sign up for the free trial!

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