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  ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor  -  Version

A new photo editor is on the prowl The powerful image creator you've been waiting for is finally here. ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor 12 has all the artistry and layered prowess you need to satisfy your photo editing desires, no matter how complex the composition. For maximum productivity, the MDI (Multi-Document Interface) layered editor allows you to carve your images into full spectrum splendor. Let sultry tone curves and spinning color wheels feed your imagination as you whip through Gemstones non-destructive RAW image processor, ACDSee RAW, and layered graphic editor. With an intuitive design, and presets for everything from creating files to fine-tuning colors, the Gemstone Photo Editor will polish your design workflow. Limitless layered editing Build the magical image compositions you've been dreaming of using Gemstones GPU-accelerated layered editor. Graphic Design Tools Layer Effects, Masks, Adjustment Layers, Text Tools, Lasso & Shape Tools, Liquify, Frequency Separation, Pixel Targeting, Distortion & Perspective Correction, Layer Blend Modes & Opacity Color Tools Color Wheel, Tone Wheels, Color EQ, White Balance, Color LUTs Efficiency Tools Edit History, Snapshots, Navigator, Histogram Photography Tools High-Dynamic Range (HDR), Focus Stacking, AI Background & Subject Selection, Advanced Lighting Correction, Watermarks Repair & Restoration Tools Smart Erase, Skin Tune, Blended Clone, Heal, Dehaze, Noise Reduction, Sharpen Artificial intelligence meets artistry Let Gemstones AI-powered selection tools do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the delicate details. Select your subjects with a click Quickly remove unwanted backgrounds in photos Blur image backgrounds with ease Instantly turn the background of your photo Black and White Pixel perfect ACDSee RAW power Flex your editing muscle using ACDSee RAW; a non-destructive RAW photo editor built right into Gemstone.

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