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  C# Excel Formula  -  Version  2022.7.7362

Add more utility value to your next VB project with C# Excel Formula. This allows your users already capable of handling most Excel commands and formatting to extend their knowledge into your native application without the need for MS Office or Excel Interop. End-users will still be able to format cells with colors, shades, numerical formulas, dates, fonts, borders, and so much more. However, this will be done inside of the app, cutting way down on the need for swapping between software while performing job duties. IronSoftware is well known for reducing complicated software down to its core elements for ease of use. This drastically helps development teams because it removes challenges and barriers to creating new mobile or web apps needing Excel supportive formatting. Instead of a local hardware store needing to flip over to Excel for each invoice, they can stay within their custom system and issue invoices directly. C# Excel Formula allows importing of XLS, XLSX, TSV, and CSV file formats. It can also export the same with the addition of JSON. C# Excel Formula fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure. It has an intuitive C# and VB .Net Excel API, making it highly useful for dev teams. This has already been stress-tested by the experts at IronSoftware. There is no need to dedicate hundreds of team hours trying to repair open-sourced projects prone to bugs and errors or spend countless subscription fees on off-the-shelf solutions. You can use C# Excel Formula for free while in development and then pay a reasonable licensing fee to IronSoftware once you are ready for active deployment. To learn more about all the features and view the supportive documentation for C# Excel Formula, visit When you are ready to get started with the NuGent download, visit and add significant value to your next project.

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