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    • Internet Speed Booster

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      Internet Speed Booster is the powerful easy way to
      speed up your internet connection. With Internet Speed
      Booster you can speed up you internet connection,
      utilize your memory, utilize your internet connection
      and change your windows settings. The main window
      consists of the following items: Speed Booster, Net
      Pinger, Ram Booster and System Settings. The Speed
      Booster contais the Wizard mode, Advanced mode, and
      Backup manager. The Net Pinger contains Pingr
      settings. The Ram Booster consists of the System
      status and Ram configuration. The System Settings
      contains Internet properties, System Settings, Modem
      Settings and Network Settings. To speed up your
      connection just choose one of the predefined
      connection settings and click Optimize Now. In Backup
      manager every time you change your settings the
      program will save your old settings. You can choose
      the backup file you want to restore or delete. The
      PING utility helps to keep you from getting your modem
      connection disconnected by your service provider. Most
      Internet Service Providers Disconnect users after a
      fixed period of modem activity. The option System
      Status in Ram Booster enables you to monitor your
      system resources. And you can optimize your memory
      with one click. You can adjust your ram booster
      settings from Ram Configuration form in Ram Booster.
      All the tools you need to be efficient on the Web!
      Boost and optimize the speed of your internet
      connection with this set of tools. Net Pinger prevents
      you from being disconnected from your ISP. Speed
      Booster optimizes the way your PC sends and receives
      data over the internet. RAM Booster allows you to free
      physical memory or RAM on your PC .
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