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    • Video Joiner Software For Windows OS

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      Video merger application helps you combine several videos at a same time. This software enable you to import multiple video simultaneously with the help of add folder option. Software merges and modifies video at very high speed conversion with excellent result. • User friendly interface Software provides user multiple properties which are easy to use and has very simple interface with basic knowledge of computer anyone can use this software. User can change resolution, set orientation of video which can be seen in real time. Software provides option to set the sequence of the video it will merged accordingly to that without any watermark. • Software joins video file easily At first user have to click on add file or add folder button and can check the properties like size, format of the added video, duration, resolution etc. User can add multiple files or folder then by clicking on start join button the output video will be preview so user can check final result is good or need some changes. • Supported different file formats Video joiner application provides multiple file formats including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLG, MPG and WMV. Before saving the video user can change the file formats in output Section and then select the format. Software can change any video into any file format it does not matter the input format user can change at output result according to the need. • Application areas of video joiner software Software offers high degree control over merging process. User should note that this application only supports merging of the video nothing else. So for cutting or splitting or any other functionality you have to install other software for that. This application is free of cost so user you can use this app wherever or whenever you want. It provides multiple options and gives high quality output result without any watermark
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