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    • Youtube Video Grabber

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      Youtube Video Grabber is an easy to use program to
      download Video files from the web sites , , ,
      m and .The main window will appear which is
      set by default to the download page .The main window
      will appear which is set by default to the download
      page .The download list contains the video URL's that
      are currently downloading ,each item consists of The
      item ID ,the video URL you want to download ,the Local
      File Name (the default is "Waiting (Auto Detect)"
      which means the program will automatically resolve the
      file name, if you edit this field, the program will
      not set the local file name and will use the one that
      you entered ) ,Download Status: the following status
      can be reported 1)Waiting: the file is waiting
      download 2)Complete: the file has been downloaded
      successfully 3)Error: the file could not be downloaded
      or the file may not be accessible 4)Progress xx%: the
      downloading progress 5)Cancelled: the file download
      has been cancelled and the File Size which is the
      expected file size to be downloaded .The Download
      Options enables you to monitor the supported video
      URL's in the clipboard and automatically add them to
      the download list and also start download them, all
      you have to do after selecting this option is minimize
      the program to tray and then navigate the video web
      sites and just copy the links you need and the program
      will do the rest for you .To uninstall the program
      open Start Menu>> Settings >> Control Panel >>
      Add/Remove Programs Dialog box, you will find the
      Robust Youtube Video Grabber entry, choose to remove
      it, and then follow the uninstalling instructions that
      will appear.
      You can also open Start >> Programs>>>>
      Robust Youtube Video Grabber >> Uninstall Robust
      Youtube Video Grabber .
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    Windows 95 - Windows 98 - Windows ME - Windows
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