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Photo to PDF Converter 3.0
License: Freeware | Last Update: May 17, 2019

This program allows you to convert photo to PDF easy and quickly. PDF is free format for reading, but not for creation. So many people are looking for...
eDocuments Scan 5.5.18
License: Shareware | Price: 92 | Last Update: February 09, 2011

Document scanning and export to PDF
Express Recognition Server - OCR 4.0
License: Commercial Demo | Last Update: May 12, 2008

Server-based OCR software for high volume processes automation.
ConceptDraw V: upgrade 5.5.0
License: Shareware | Price: 99 | Last Update: January 10, 2006

Business and technical diagramming tool
bcTester Barcode Reading and Testing
License: Freeware | Last Update: January 06, 2005

bcTester reads linear and even 2-dimensional barcode from digital images
Readiris Pro 6.0
License: Commercial Demo | Price: 79 | Last Update: June 20, 2001

An easy-to-use OCR package which allows the conversion of every-day documents such as letters, magazines, newspapers, scientific documents, photoc...
Ogre Bytes Page Counter 1.65 1.65
License: Freeware | Last Update: August 04, 2000

Returns a count of multiple page tiff files in directories
Ogre Bytes Page Manager 0.95B 0.95
License: Shareware | Price: 40 | Last Update: August 04, 2000

Manages multiple page tiff files
FineReader Pro 4.0b
License: Shareware | Price: 99 | Last Update: July 09, 2000

Features an award winning OCR and easy-to-use standard Windows interface to Scan & Read documents, letters, articles, spreadsheets, tables, or forms a...
OnScreen SizeMeter 1.0.3
License: Shareware | Last Update: July 09, 2000

HTML writers sometime need to measure size of table elements or images when it displayed in the browser to be sure that Internet Explorer and, for exa...
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